Monday, April 25

Get Listening To... Plastic Plates. (Free Downloads)

Its been a while, but our 'Get Listening To' artist this week goes to Plastic Plates. Now, we're thankful for many things The Magician has brought to our music craving ears recently and none more so than his latest Magic Tape which kicked off with the following remix from our man, Plastic Plates.

I know what you're thinking, If I hear Adele one more time I'm going to shoot myself. But lets not forget, she has after all got a smashing voice; by the time these synth and steel drum filled minutes are up you'll have forgotten 'Someone Like You' even irritated you.

Adele - Set Fire To The Rain (Plastic Plates Remix) by PLASTiC PLATES

Few facts for you... Plastic Plates resides in Los Angeles although originates from Sydney and otherwise goes by the name of Felix Xavier; unless some sort of name change has gone on there it sounds like he was born to become part of the Electronic world. Funnily enough though he is (according to his FB info) currently unsigned, although this surely can't last for much longer.

Have a listen to the following tracks to see just why; there's little in the way of original productions as of yet, but if your remixes are this good then who cares. These two are my favorites of his Soundcloud collection and just so happen to be up for free download so grab them whilst they're still available.

Sia - Cloud (Plastic Plates Remix) by PLASTiC PLATES

I Blame Coco - Turn Your Back On Love (Plastic Plates Remix) by PLASTiC PLATES

Take a look at the links below for more on Plastic Plates.