Sunday, September 16

Frank Ocean - Thinkin Bout You (Live)

What a treat to hear this amazing track performed live.

Frank Ocean - Thinkin Bout You - SNL 9-15-12 by IdolxMuzic

Saturday, September 15

Maxxi Soundsystem - Regrets We Have No Use For (Preview)

Pete Tong previews Maxxi Soundsystem's next original release, which as I like to describe it a track that uses the dubstep sound subtly and with intelligence and style. Available September 21st on Hypercolour.

Friday, September 14

Michel Cleis - Mir a nero

This song goes through a number of stages. By the end of all the stages it's pretty much criminal if you're still sitting down.

Stage one. 0:00 - 0:43 - The song is delicately built up, first with piano arpeggios increasing in volume over a steady beat.

0:43 - 1:54 Dashes of different percussion are added here and there. Splashes of piano deviating from the arpeggios are intermittently added as a sign of what's to come.

1:54 - 2:31 More percussion is added on a permanent basis.

2:31 - 3:02 The main beat is removed.

3:02 - 5:05 The whole percussion comes back in as a whole followed by one held note in the background.

5:05 - 5:48 The main piano hook is introduced slowly (this is when you begin to realise how good the track could become)

5:48 - 6:18 The vocal is brought in (things go up another level)

6:18 - Get off your seat.

Wednesday, September 12

Jonas Rathsman - W4W (Free Download) (Update)

New Rathsman.


This guy.

Saturday, September 8

Multitoxikommander - [Bedroomrave004]

Another brilliant mix from Multitoxikommander as part of his 'Bedroomrave' mix series.

This mix is all about 'enjoying the last days of summer'.

It really hit's the nail on the head from the start with Luca C's fantastic remix of Steffen Deux's 'Ma Home'.

Watch out for Multitoxikommander popping up in Hamburg and Berlin over the next year.

Don't Look Any Further (Michael Flint Rework) - Dennis Edwards & Seidah Garret

After messing about with a few chords last night i ended up with this.

It's just a bit of fun and could probably be a bit better but i hope you enjoy it anyway.

Definitely go and check out the original if you're not already familiar. What a video.

Friday, August 31

Urulu - Sincerely 91 + Tell Me/No More (FreeDL)

Urulu is really dropping some huge bombs at the moment.

His 'Sincerely 91' Ep was jam packed with 90s/garage tinged tracks that demanded that you dance to them.

He's back with a free present. A two track Ep which just follows in his consistently brilliant style.

Get them both...

Tuesday, August 21

Melontropics - While You Play (Open Secrets EP)

Sometimes it's nice to post something a bit different on the blog.

This is the sort of track i fall for within about the first 5 seconds. A shamelessly poppy chorus and some real silky chromeo-esque verses. I couldn't resist.

Melontropics are Jordan Kelley (Cherub) and Natalie Prass, who have teamed up to release a free collection of tracks in celebration of summer time. The collection is quite varied but with some other very nice moments. Oh and all the tracks are free to download. Get listening.

Les Sins (Chaz Bundick/Toro Y Moi)

Chaz Bundick seems to have been edging further and further towards dance orientated material of late. Toro Y Moi offerings have been getting more and more funky and this side project seems to be an outlet for an even more dance influenced direction....for now.

Out on Caribou's (Dan Snaith) label Jiaolong Records.