Monday, April 25

Metronomy - The Bay (EROL ALKAN Remix) (Full Length)

An Alkan remix, always a treat, and who better to be the subject than a band who have come up with my favorite album at this very moment and so far this year, Metronomy.
If you haven't had chance to give it a listen yet, please do make the time, they're streaming it for free HERE after all, so you've no excuse. (Or at the very least go straight to 'Everything Goes My Way', its a delicate beauty).

But anyway, Erol has yet again managed to apply the subtlest of changes to the original in this rework, but somehow make it ten times what it was; the bass line that backs up the whole track is just the most tasty of treats. He really is the go to guy for top notch remixes, even proclaiming himself earlier in the month this was 'second mix in a row where the mastering engineer has had nothing to do!'. Good work.

He recently released a preview, but here's the whole 8 minutes recently aired by Annie Mac, so apologies for the sudden stop at the end.

Metronomy - The Bay (Erol Alkan Remix)

Erol Alkan Soundcloud