Saturday, April 23

Broke One

I wish Jaymo and Andy George weren't so irritating.

ANYWAY (i could go on)

They played/talked over this track the other day.

'This track' being an original offering from Italian music maker Broke One, otherwise known as Fabio Brocato.

To use some sort of easter related metaphor, Break One is breaking through the membrane/ shell of the dance music world's egg at the moment.

With his brilliant remixes of Evil Nine's 'Auto' and Nightdrugs 'You Are My Vision' this guy is getting people excited.

I would urge you to go check out all his other stuff (Links below) but for now, enjoy 'Go Go Go'

"Go Go Go" Preview on BBC Radio 1 // In New DJs We Trust w/ Jaymo and Andy George by Broke One

Ok so after doing a bit more looking around i can offer you some snippets from Broke One's upcoming release 'Stop Making Sense EP'

The remix cast for this EP is really quite impressive.

The EP is out on May 6th

click here for more info

Broke One - Stop Making Sense ep by La Valigetta


Have 10 mins to spare?

I can't think of a much better way of spending them than watching this.