Tuesday, April 19

Chromeo Live At Coachella Download

Not to blow our own trumpet but we aren't half bad to you guys here at Arrhythmia.

If you weren't aware, youtube have been streaming selected sets over the Coachella weekend.

This has meant a number of late nights for me in England. Stand out performances have been Warpaint and my favourites Chromeo.

So i kinda figured the montreal duo would put on quite a show. I decided it might be nice to have a record of this moment and i also figured you guys might appreciate it also.


Here's a download for just over 30 mins of their set. I've included each track individually as well as one audio file with the whole thing.

Just to get you excited... they brought Ezra from Vampire Weekend on to perform 'I Could Be Wrong' for the first time. Here's the video.

Also the track listing is as follows.

1. Intro
2. Don't Turn The Lights On
3. Outta Sight
4. Tenderoni
5. Call Me Up
6. Hot Mess
7. I Want My Chromeo (Money For Nothing)
8. Bonafied Lovin
9.Momma's Boy
10.What's Up Coachella?
11. Special Guest
12. I Could Be Wrong (Feat Ezra Koenig)