Tuesday, April 19

Cassian goodies

I'm losing count of the amount of Cassian posts we've done now but what can you do when the guy just constantly delivers.

Today i have a number of gifts for you from down under.

First up a cheeky little video with some live footage etc.

Second is his G'day G'day Mix which, as with all of his mixes, is brilliant and seems ever more fitting as summer approaches us.

G'day G'day Mix by cassian

Track listing can be found here

Last up is his remix of 'All I Heard' by Mitzi. A Bit of a i'll rub your back if you rub mine situation here after Mitzi remixed 'Nobody' on the 'I Like What You're Doing' EP.

All I Heard (Cassian Remix) - Mitzi by cassian