Thursday, January 20

Esben & the Witch

Last summer I decided to get involved in Brighton's Great Escape festival; upon handing over my one day ticket in return for a wristband, one of those rare moments occurred when you actually get a bit of luck in life and the dopey assistant behind the counter slapped on a shiny weekend band. You gotta love getting something for nothing. Anyway, the point of such a thrilling anecdote is because if it wasn't for that helpful pillock, I wouldn't of had the pleasure of slouching comfortably back in Brighton's independent cinema to watch Esben & the witch haunt the audience with trembling cries and the smashing of drums.

Given the setting, it was a case of lights on or off, they went for the lights off, hoods up, swaying, screaming and thrashing in the darkness. They're scary, but I love the eeriness, it gets me all goose pimply. They're also very in with the alternative scene of 2011, as more and more I see the word 'Witch' attatched to various genres in anticipation of the year ahead; so that, a long with my recent discovery of a superb video for their single 'Marching Song' makes them a very exciting prospect.

The video isn't for the squeamish, but if you're into a bit o' spook, give them a pop.