Saturday, January 1

Best Dance Tracks of 2010

Ok, so compiling this list was one of the most painful experiences of 2010.

At one point i had 6 different playlists each with their own sub-genre but i decided in the end to just split it into 'Dance' and 'Everything else' which will follow this post.

I could go into my explanation for each tracks inclusion but it would be awfully tedious soooooooo...Here are my favourite dance tracks of the year. (I would say they were in a loose order but certainly not definite)(i have tried to include a few cool or interesting videos we've haven't already posted)

1. Crave You (feat Giselle) - Flight Facilities

2. Baby I'm Yours (Feat Irfane) - Breakbot

3. I Love You So - Cassius

4. Airwave - Louis La Roche

5. Why Don't You Dance? - Gliterium

6. Clown - SSION

7. Caramellas - Aeroplane

8. Gare Du Nord -Carte Blanche

9. She's a Superstar (Feat Chromeo) - Aeroplane

10. Reckless With Your Love - Azari & III

11. Coma Cat - Tensnake

12. Shooting Stars - Bag Raiders

13. STD Fury - Javelin

14. Sometimes - Miami Horror (Worth checking out their Vimeo for other great Videos)

15. We Can't Fly (Extended Drums Mix) - Aeroplane

I'm already excited about 2011, why wouldn't you be?