Sunday, January 16

The 2010 Mixes - Lumi in association with Arrhythmia

Finally we can announce the release of the Arrhythmia 2010 Mixes.

We've been working on these two mixes for what seems like forever but today is the day.

We're extremely happy with the end result both from Lumi, who created the mixes, and from Jack Cooper, who has created some fantastic artwork for the mixes.


A massive thanks is due to Lumi who agreed to take on the project.

We basically presented him with the tracks we wanted to be included in each mix without an awful lot of thought as to how easy it would be for him to create each mix.

The end result is a testament to his skill and vision behind the decks and we would urge you to check out his other work over on Mixcloud.

Jack Cooper

Another thanks goes out to Jack Cooper who has slaved for hours over the artwork for both mixes. I know he was particularly pleased when we told him we had to have the artwork in squares once he'd already completed one landscape and one portrait piece.

His unique artist talent has been a source of great excitement for us and we're very pleased to have had him on board for this project.

So here we are, i don't think i particularly need to bore you with detailed explanations of each mix, i'm sure you will figure it out yourself.

Dance 2010 Mix - Lumi in association with Arrhythmia

Download - Download File

Alt Mix 2010 - Lumi in association with Arrhythmia

Download - Download File

We really hope you enjoy these two mixes and appreciate the artist achievements of the highly talented Lumi and Jack Cooper.

Expect more mixes before too long...