Monday, December 13

Shook talks to Arrhythmia

Shook has to be one of the most exciting artists of the moment.

Whenever i see his name credited to a track, whether it be as the remixer or the original artist, i always drop whatever i'm doing to listen.

We recently brought you his fantastic MIA remix and now he's kindly taken some time out to answer some questions.

1) What sort of musical up bringing did you have and how do you think, if at all, this hasinfluenced your current work?

I grew up listening to music ranging from Micheal Jackson and Prince to George Gerswin and Claude Debussy. My father is a jazz pianist, and constantly played old jazz when I was a kid. I definitely get influenced by friends, love and just everyday life.

2)Could you give a brief explanation of your relationship with "The Beast"? Is the story line and the cartoons something you plan to continue to evolve?

Beast is very much real. It’s all part of a childhood past that’s still very much alive to this very day. I think it’s important we still remember in the things we used to believe in as a kid, when we didn’t have much to worry about and just could do and create whatever we want.

The whole visual concept and story behind Shook will definitively evolve further. I think it’s really important to create a visual experience when listening to the music I make. I remember listening to The Future Sound of London for the first time and saw all these images in my head. When looking back, I think they were so much ahead of their time.

3)Your Glow EP was limited to a 200 copy vinyl release, are there any plans for a digital release or pushing more copies out on a physical format?

The Glow EP 12” is limited to only 200 copies and they are all in lovely Red colored vinyl! They also come with a mini comic booklet illustrated by the talented “Giuse” who does pretty much all the artwork. The Glow EP 12” is brought out by Positive and Focused Records. There are still a few left, but not too many anymore.

The EP will get a full release early 2011. Can’t confirm any dates just yet, but expect everything you get from a full release.

4) What realm of music do you consider yourself to inhabit, if any? What other artists would you be pleased to be associated with?

I don’t know actually. I don’t listen to a lot of new music and I don’t want to focus too much or try to fit in a specific scene. I think if you do that you will only narrow yourself in the creation of music. I always try to create good and honest music for myself and for my friends. Whether it’s the work I do for a remix or for an original piece.

5) What can we expect from Shook in the future, both near and distant? Is there more original material in the bag or more remixes to get excited about? Plans to travel to the UK?

Well, there are still remixes to be released for Penguin Prison, Ellie Goulding and Emil & Friends amongst others. 
Early 2011 we will see the Glow EP get a full release, and I have a lot of new and old material still. Some I am dying to get out! I think I have enough material for at least 3 EP’s. Whether that will be brought out in the form of a new EP or a complete album I can’t confirm just yet.

6) What bands/producers/DJs excite you at the moment?

I really enjoy listening to the music of Penguin Prison. I think his songs are amazing. I also really like the music of Datasette. He goes so far in his craft! Also, I always admire the music from Breakbot.

So there you go, an insight into the world of Shook. If you feel compelled to find out more then head over to his Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube or website.

You can also order the Glow EP here.

It ships worldwide.

In the mean time, here's a taster of why i've got myself so worked up about this guy...

Phoenix - Lisztomania (Shook Remix) by Shook (Official)

Penguin Prison - The Worse It Gets (Shook Remix) by Shook (Official)