Saturday, December 11

The Lowbrows - Dreams In The Desert (Flight Facilities Remix)

Flight Facilities' 'Crave You' has been on non stop repeat in the Arrhythmia household for the past few weeks, and now they've only gone and come along with a remix that is more than likely going to have the same repetitive effect on my speakers for the next month to come.

If you missed out on 'Crave You' then please, before you do anything, check it out here, for the video as much as anything, otherwise wrap your lugs around this beauty...

The Lowbrows - Dream In The Desert (Flight Facilities Red Tailed Hawk Remix) by flightfacilities

Head over to their blog,, for the download.

And a final note, if they really do tickle you fancy, here's a funny little interview with the two Aussies to tell you a little more, give it a red hot crack mate... HOOROO