Tuesday, December 7

A quick natter with... The Neat

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The neat previously featured in our article showcasing the best new talent from the dark and dingy streets of Hull; to coincide, albeit ever so slightly late, with their second single 'Hips', Nick Boden (Guitar) was kind enough to give Arrhythmia a little insight into the goings on of a band receiving ever more praise. But before you read about that, take a look below at their new video,created by the guys themselves.


Has the fact that you lot are from Hull been detrimental or supportive to you stepping into the musical world?
Sometimes it's annoying having to travel miles for gigs, but other than that when I think about it it's just like coming from anywhere really. I guess people have a low expectation of you so it's always sweet being able to surpass it!

How did signing to Chewing Gum records come about and what has life for The Neat been like since?
It's only a single deal so apart from going on tour and getting some great reviews and better gigs: life is the same! We still drive a clapped out transit, play squire guitars and use amps people gave us as kids!

Where has been your most exciting gig to date?
I reckon this could be a tough call between Leeds festival, and Amsterdam's London calling festival. Both were ace because of the crowds response.

What sort of process is usually involved in the writing and creation side of things?
A mental one! Involving heavy drums mad noises and sporadic vocal outbursts! 

How has has your musical upbringing influenced the music you make?
I'd say I had a classic rock upbringing! Ha ha whatver that means, it certainly involved guitars! 

Similarly what bands & artists influence your music, if any, or perhaps just excite you at the moment?
At the moment I'm digging HEALTH, Fugazi, Mos Def and still have much love for the first Fuck Buttons record. Perhaps The Kinks and all that listening from my youth led me to revolt and get into noisy bands!!

What does the future hold for The Neat?
Were planning a tour again in February, maybe visiting  the continent again and hopefully we can get signed to get an album out there.

Now take a look at the links below to stalk their doings and whereabouts as well as, of course, purchasing the new single.

The Neat links...
Chewing Gum Records

Last but certainly not least, here is a live recording of The Neat at the above mentioned London's Calling festival in Amsterdam; really worth the watch, if you're not convinced yet, this should certainly do it for you.

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