Monday, November 8

Fresh From Sunny Hull

For those of you who don't share the pleasure of being from the beautiful city of Kingston Upon Hull, here is a little low down of some of the upcoming talent on offer.

Mr Beasley
Quirky female vocals on top of some funky electronic beats. The tune below, 'Right As Rain', received single of the week on 6 Music, but despite some praise, Mr Beasley as a whole seems vastly underrated and somewhat unknown. describes them as 'a sound which transcends the gap between the hauntingly beautiful and the downright dirty' which I think put it better than I ever could have.

mr beasley - right as rain from Unitone Productions on Vimeo.

There's plenty more where that came from too, have a little click on the links below and give your ears a treat.


The Neat
Upcoming is a bit of an understatement for these lot, having recently signed to Chewing Gum Records, opened Leeds Festival and released their first single 'In Youth Is Pleasure'(below), they're certainly on their way. But still, its worth giving the post punk four piece a shout again just in case. The Neat have been praised for being part of the revival of true guitar bands and they manage to answer such praise by thrashing out aggressive songs whilst ripping apart popular culture at the seams.

The Neat - In Youth Is Pleasure from Danny North on Vimeo.

There's a preview of their new single 'Hips' up on their Myspace too, available to your good selves for purchase on November 29th.

Chewing Gum Records

Cosmo (AKA Jack 'I like to wear baseball caps' Williamson)
A friend of mine who's just put up a couple of mixes on his soundcloud, they're a really good listen if you've got a bit of time spare.
oh_hello_there by cosmo