Friday, September 14

Michel Cleis - Mir a nero

This song goes through a number of stages. By the end of all the stages it's pretty much criminal if you're still sitting down.

Stage one. 0:00 - 0:43 - The song is delicately built up, first with piano arpeggios increasing in volume over a steady beat.

0:43 - 1:54 Dashes of different percussion are added here and there. Splashes of piano deviating from the arpeggios are intermittently added as a sign of what's to come.

1:54 - 2:31 More percussion is added on a permanent basis.

2:31 - 3:02 The main beat is removed.

3:02 - 5:05 The whole percussion comes back in as a whole followed by one held note in the background.

5:05 - 5:48 The main piano hook is introduced slowly (this is when you begin to realise how good the track could become)

5:48 - 6:18 The vocal is brought in (things go up another level)

6:18 - Get off your seat.