Wednesday, September 7

Trophy Wife - Canopy Shade & Wolf (Video) (Bruxism EP)

Trophy Wife are big favorites of ours, and they're back to tease you with the first track from their upcoming EP 'Bruxism', set for release 17th October via Blessing Force.

Have a read of the press release for a brief insight into the effort that has gone into the new EP.

'With the 'Bruxism EP' Trophy Wife have taken an experimental approach by using a different producer for each track. They travelled to Berlin to work with acclaimed electronic artist/producer Ewan Pearson, then collaborated with Oxford acolytes Yannis from Foals and Andrew Halford. The title track has been produced by James Yuill whilst the EP’s opener brought Trophy Wife together with one of their longstanding musical heroes, Plaid.'

Trophy Wife - Canopy Shade (Produced by Plaid and Trophy Wife) by trophywifeband