Wednesday, July 27


I've said before that one of the greatest pleasures for me is discovering a new band. It's great once you've searched through records in a music shop and you see something you fancy or you've trawled the internet for hours in search of that specific sound that you can't resist. It's also very very nice when the band you're looking for email you directly.

This is what has just happened. Browska are named after a brand of Vodka...

They are from Montpellier...

and are influence by many good things including 80s funk...

Now listen to them because they epitomize cut up disco funk. I can't get enough of this stuff.

Browska - Network by Browska

Browska - Electra by Browska

Check out their Soundcloud for more music and links to everywhere else.

To save you the hassle here's their Facebook