Wednesday, June 8

La Belle Records - Golden Bug & Mustang

(WARNING, this might be considered quite a lazy thing to do. I don't care, this is the best record label description ever)


What is La Belle?

Mmm. That's not quite right. Let's start again.

Who is La Belle?

Well, imagine you're at a party. Let's say a huge apartment party. Those are the best ones, aren't they? More chances of getting laid as you probably have some kind of friendship link with almost all the girls there, free alcohol, no annoying DJs playing Deadmau5 or something like that.

Let's say 1 hour into the party, as the dj's playing some really groovy '70s edit, getting the first daring legs to start dancing, a wonderful woman pops up at the bar. She's amazingly beautiful and clearly looking for some 1am, burning-hot eye-chasing game with a man (or a woman, you'll never know anyway).

But no, she's not La Belle.

It's 2.45am, you are starting to sweat now, you're all alone at the party as your friends went to "get something to drink". Yeah, at the bathroom. 20 minutes ago. Right.

Anyway, as the dj's spinning a brand-new nu-disco track stolen from mediafire, the mood's getting crazier now. Suddenly, an amazingly beautiful girl appears. She's all alone, sipping her cocktail, and she can totally feel the obvious sexual glances of every male human in a 500m range.

But again, no, she's not La Belle neither.

3.30am. Pretty much everyone's getting down really hard now. Drinks are A) on the ground or B) being sprayed in the air by some nice bloke with a white "DEATH DISCO" t-shirt. Dj's spinning some kind of uptempo housey thing with a huge bassline in it: it's his peak-time track.

It looks like the party's really on now.

The dj has done a quite good job, and now he's totally able to hear the microwave-sounding "DING!" in his head telling him that everyone in the room is now cooked to a turn - telling him that he really needs to drop THE tune, now, or he'll lose his hard-earned crowd forever.

But what can you play after a peak-time track?

A hand gently pushes the dj away. As the guy's trying to figure out which reaction he should have to look less of a loser on the stage, he figures out that there's a girl standing behind him. A wonderful girl. Just imagine Isabelle Adjani's charme mixed up with Penelope Cruz's sex appeal. And Sophia Loren's ass.

Everyone's standing, looking at her, now.

"Who's that girl?", you ask.

"Elle? Elle est La Belle."

She pushes the play button. A bassline starts.


La Belle is a french label owned and managed by 3 friends. One of them is better known as Golden Bug, another is half of Herr Styler, and the other one's half of La Tebwa Records. They'll do their best to give you one, bella, monthly release


Golden Bug & Mustang feat. Lavinia Claws - SoapOpera by labellerecords


Labelle-Mixtape 1-Soapopera by labellerecords