Monday, May 9

Friendly Fires - Pala Album Stream & 'Blue Cassette' Download

Not long now until new FF album Pala is released, and to really get the ball rolling the samba loving boys are giving away 'Blue Cassette' from it, for free! All you have to do is a bit of signing up and its yours to enjoy. What's more, they've also put up 'Hawaiian Air on the site for your streaming pleasure.

Having read an interview with them recently, Friendly Fires put a huge emphasis on the importance of being a band out there who are making fun and danceable music, and stated their perfect goal as being people in years to come remembering the summer of 2011 through 'Pala'.

With the release of these two, 'Live Those Days Tonight' and the anticipation of the new album, such an ambition I'm sure will be not be too far from the truth.



Thought I would slap this on the bottom of the earlier post rather than making a new one. Pala is up for stream thanks to the people at Hype Machine, listen to it in full below.