Wednesday, May 4

Louis La Roche Mixtape Series

"Scenery is no ordinary mixtape, all featured songs are edits, remixes, ideas and originals from Louis La Roche, who told us “There will be no tracklisting, the idea is that Scenery is a listening experience of short songs that create a journey for the listener. This is a free project, released digitally by myself, and each part will come with individual artwork.”

Well that's what Louis has to say on the matter. That should give you a good insight into what to expect here. You might be surprised by this mixtape. Louis takes a look at some real soulful gems mixed with some interesting spoken word.

Overall it's a very interesting listening experience and one i would definitely recommend if you fancy a slightly different vibe to the usual mixtapes we post.

This is part one of the trilogy. Released May 1st 2011, Part 2 coming June 1st.

Louis La Roche - Scenery Mixtape Part 1 by louislaroche