Tuesday, May 31

Icona Pop

So, I've got this friend called Rosie. She's a very good friend. Best you might say. She's also pictured above.
When we became so at the age of eleven, Rosie pretty much introduced me to music and did so for the many years to follow.
She's quite cool, works in a boutique and lives in London and everything, even writes a blog about fashion. rosiesavage.blogspot.com 

What a catch! 

Anyway, her latest musical suggestion is Icona Pop. And what a good one it proved to be.
They're from Sweden, and you know how we love artists of the Swedish & female variety.
This is so much fun, I put up the pic of Rosie at the top of the page because I can imagine her pulling that exact face whilst dancing to it them.
You should do the same.

Mixtape by IconaPop