Tuesday, April 5

Videos of the Week

DJ Craze

Wow. Too right he's a monster.

Tune Yards - Bizness

Everything is quirky, alternative and experimental about this video; but the kids messing about at the beginning has to be the best part.


So that's it, nothing more from LCD Soundsystem. Quite sad really given that they were one of my all time favorites live.
I'm still struggling to find a full video of their final Madeson Square Garden gig but here's one that has popped up of North American Scum with a lovely guest appearance from Arcade Fire.

Russ Chimes

Thought I'd take a blast back in time to last year for the final addition to videos of the week, it includes all three parts of the short film made for Russ Chime's Midnight Club EP, stuck together in one handy, easy to manage vid.

The experimentation with editing and narrative is great, and the music aint bad either!

Russ Chimes - Midnight Club EP COMPLETE TRILOGY from Ladeson Productions on Vimeo.