Wednesday, April 13

Peter & The Magician - Twist

So Peter (AKA Yuksek) has collaborated with The Magician (one half of what was Aeroplane) to make 'Twist', set for release next month on the new Kitsune compilation.

Surprisingly we've never mentioned The Magician before, but I would certainly urge you to head over to his soundcloud, theres some awesome mixes and remixes up there.

Yuksek on the other hand may be a little more familiar, having said that there's not been a lot coming from his camp whilst Arrhythmia has been about. So he's another big name to go and check out whilst waiting for 'Twist' to be released, even if its just to refresh yourself!

Heard this radio rip a little while ago and I've been holding off posting it because I usually like to wait until the best quality track is available. BUT, I just couldn't avoid it any longer, even with Andy George & Jaymo blabbering all over it I still think its incredible. Honestly cannot wait for the full version.