Thursday, April 28

Mikey - April Mixtape

Been meaning to post this for a little while now.

We we're recently talking, here at Arrhythmia, about our favourite Mixtapes of the month.
I think the Magicians Magic Tape 10 eventually found it's way to the top
of the list but i was also keen to fight the cause of Mikey's latest offering.

You'll see from the track listing that you have a treat lined up here.

Mickey-April Mixtape by Mickey

2.I Like What You’re Doing (Isaac Tichauer Remix) -Cassian
3.Twist-Peter & the Magician
4.Rue De Rome – Cecile Remix -Munk
5.K & Big V – Original Mix-Stopmakingme
6.Reginald’s groove(Classixx rmx)-Cosmic kids
7.West Gothic Climax – Dana Bergquist Remix-Drop Out Orchestra
8.Cold As Ice – Louie Fresco Remix -Modern Amusement
9.Iron (Remix By Gucci Vump)-Woodkid
10.Chiketere – Etienne De Crecy Remix -The Disco Villains
11.I wont let go_Mustang remix -Monarchy
12.This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)-Talking Heads