Wednesday, April 27

Arrhythmia talk to Gabriell

Is there anything this guy can't do?

Multi-talented Gabriell runs us through everything from his music to his fashion design in this short interview.

Who is Gabriell?

Ciao, i'm Gabri from Milan (Brianza) Italy. I make music but i do some graphic artwork as well. For my "real" job, i work as fashion/graphic designer. Music is a big part of my life but i prefer to do it for pleasure and without all the problems of doin' it for work. (this is also a great excuse when people ask you "why don't you live only doing your music?")

It is clear that you have been influenced by disco and funk somewhere along the line but could you give any sources of inspiration we might not expect you to be influenced by?

In my productions i'm influenced by old school funk and early house but i have a punk/hardcore/indie (emo) background and i always played in bands. There's not too much influence of this in the music i produce now but it has helped me in producing my own tracks from the beginning to mastering, make the artworks, booking gigs etc etc..

What is your view on the Italian music scene as a whole and where do you think you fit into it?

I think the Italian dance music scene is always huge. I don't know about the "rock" scene, but i think it's pretty crap. Dance acts on the other hand have always been in the charts all over the world since 80s and 90s. Compared to better known artists i'm no one but i've only been performing as a solo artist/producer for less than an year (i was in Boys of Brianza and the Phonograph before) so we'll see.

What can we expect from Gabriell this year?

I've got 2 EPs that will be out soon. One is for Italian Dead Elite Rec. (Broke One, Albi Bello, Cool Kids Can't Die) It's made up of 2 tracks and a remix. Then i'm planning another EP/single with Neonized Rec from Madrid with one track plus some remixes. I'm also doing some remixes for people in and outside Italy. The next are for The Amplid, Hard To Pronounce, Show Your Shoe. I'm also looking forward to doing some bootleg/edits, just for fun.

Now you've read about him, it's time to listen to what this guy is up to.

Show Your Shoe - Technik City Jet Skiing (Gabriell Remix)

The bass in this remix knocks you off your feet. It even comes with a warning seconds before it kicks in. I think it's a pretty sensible safety precaution.

Show Your Shoe - Technik City Jet Skiing (Gabriell Remix) by Gabriell

Gabriell - Giovanotty

This track is like an instant time machine to the 80s. But not a cheesy 'decade that taste forgot' 80s. A gorgeous blend of disco/funk and drum machine 80s. How can you not enjoy this?

Gabriell - Giovanotty by Gabriell

Gabriell x Disco Champagne 12 exclusive mixtape

Last up, a nice 25 min mix. I'm sure by now you're getting a good idea of what to expect from this mix. I can promise you that it will live up to your expectations.

Gabriell x Disco Champagne 12 exclusive mixtape by Gabriell

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