Saturday, March 5

Summer Camp - I Want You

On repeat doesn't even describe it. I mean, I enjoyed most previous Summer Camp tracks, but none of them really made me shit my pants in ore. This one did more. Upon first listen I was thinking, 'ooo these synth sounds are awfully trendy, I didn't think they had it in them, wonder how this works out?' Then when one minute fifty secs drops in on you and you realise it doesn't just work out, it pumps iron like bloody Schwarzenegger.

Another thing to point out is that until 'I Want You' the huge resemblance of the vocalist to Debbie Harry hadn't hit me; this track is what I would imagine a modern day Blondie to sound like. Except there's a big flaw in this concept, the lack of a charismatic, build a tent in your trousers, front woman...
Because I can still find eff all out about them. This annoys me greatly. Having thought about it though, anonymity is actually quite a clever tactic in a music industry saturated with twitter feeds giving you an insight into what some one's having for tea. The more they hide in the shadows churning out brilliant tracks, the more of them I crave.
I'm so excited.  Best calm down.

I Want You by Summer Camp

Nah I can't.