Sunday, March 13

Rimer London - Love Dagger (feat. Cata.Pirata)

Any regular visitors may have noticed a slight lull in the amount of arrhythmia output recently, for which I can only blame the slowest internet in the world. When buffering a five minute track takes the best part of half an hour, your urge to go and find new music isn't at an all time high. Anyway, things seem to be looking up.

Here's a video to the new one from Rimer London, who featured on our 2010 Alternative Mix with the awesome 'Squaring the Triangle'. Well, they're back with Love Dagger, which is, in my opinion, even better. And that is obviously saying something.

Perhaps I'm just a soft touch for female vocals, but I think Cata.Pirata's cooing and sighing adds an undeniable sexiness to Rimer's work that has you weak at the knees; and that's before she's even begun telling you about your 'love dagger'. Couple that with an infectious beat and keys reminiscent of those in 'Squaring the Triangle' and you're on to a winner.

Then there's the video. Its a constant flashing-zooming-panning between images of urban life, intersected with the scenes of two separated lovers; all of this no doubt representing the songs lyrics. Its quite a nice little video really, with some delicately fine touches fueling your impression of this treacherous relationship. But if you're not up for a bit of film analysis, just take pleasure, as always, in the scantily clad woman.

Rimer London featuring Cata.Pirata - Love Dagger

(Word has it Rimer London will be releasing an LP in the not too distant future. This is great news.)