Wednesday, March 16

Get Listening To... Eumig & Chinon

Anything I post at the moment seems a little trivial compared to the excitement coming from a certain couple of French lads, but with just under a month until the official release from Justice and no doubt longer until the album there's plenty of time to kill.

So from a similar vein of electronic disco, here's Eumig & Chinon.

First and foremost, Eumig & Chinon is one guy, weird no? But never mind that, Danish producer Christian Kastbjerg is the man behind the name and apparently has been kicking up quite a fuss in the French house scene and of course in Denmark. Well I can see why... he has certainly been getting me doing the same.

He last got a small mention on Arrhythmia in our Beataucue post, providing arguably the best remix on their Disque Oh! Ep. There's plenty more where that came from too, with a whole selection of funktastic (yeah I know I'm sorry) remixes. From downright dirty to the twinkly pop, there's some gems in there; have a listen to Eumig & Chinon's versions of 'Birk Storm - I Don't Care' for the former and 'Pelle G - Childish delight' for the latter.

Birk Storm - I Don't Care (Eumig & Chinon Remix) by Eumig & Chinon

Pelle G - Childish Delight (Eumig & Chinon Remix) by Eumig & Chinon

Equally as and if not more impressive that such remixes is Eumig & Chinon's original work; debut EP 'Crash' is a belter with not one weak of the four tracks. For me I can't help but think of links to Justice in many aspects of his productions; although over most of these its the BIG baselines that stick out. I defy anyone to whack these on and not end up clapping and jigging round the bedroom with their top off. (Clothing removal optional).

CRASH EP by Eumig & Chinon

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