Monday, February 7

Tasty Teens

Its now February and every now and again you get old Mr Sunshine having a little peek through the grey, reminding us that the worst is over and the image of a polaroid perfect summertime on the beach is fast approaching. And of course, where would such an idealization be without a bit of hazy guitar pop; filling this requirement for the upcoming months will be the wonderful Teen Daze, with two albums and one EPs worth of dreamy pop.

Below is propbably the most popular track, 'Let's Fall Asleep Together' from their EP 'Beach Dreams; the titles of which pretty much prove everything I just said.

Let's Fall Asleep Together - Teen Daze

Well, from Teen Daze I'll move smoothly onto Teengirl Fantasy, two fellas from Ohio making effin' good stuff; 'Cheaters' (below) being my fave. I wish i had the musical intellect to be able to describe its greatness further, but all I can really come to is 'synths and beats fitting in the contemporary electronic scene mixed with vocals that the 90s would be proud of'. Hopefully that will suffice, give it and them a listen.

Cheaters by Teengirl Fantasy