Monday, January 3


Well, I've just about recovered from NYE and second term at Uni is just round the corner, which means essay hand ins are also creeping up on me and consequently procrastination diverts me instead to the music blogs of the internet.

Its my first post of the year and in my opinion, we're off to a bleeding good start.
Creep, a couple of spooky lady DJs, have borrowed Romy Croft of The XX in their first amazing single, Days; creating something just as sexy and moody as the mercury prize winners, and then making it even darker, more electronic and best of all, utterly danceable.

Days by CREEP

Next up, take out ten minutes of your busy schedule to have a look at a video interviewing the girls as well as the director of their upcoming video for Days. Some really interesting thoughts and concepts coming out of it that kept me watching. Take a look!

Sadly though we'll have to wait a wee bit longer to see the finished article for Days, i personally can't wait.
And... as if that wasn't enough for you, Azari & III have only gone and laid there filthy house hands on it to make it a triple treat today, whats more, its downloadable for free from the nice people at RCDR LBL.

Days (Azari & III Remix) by CREEP

Looking forward to 2011!