Friday, January 21


I realise there might be a bit of a Mix overkill at the moment but seriously along with the arrhythmia 2010 mixes and the Cosmo mix there are a whole load of amazing mixes around at the moment. I find they are perfect for...

A. Having on in the background when doing work
B. Listening to on a long journey or a short one
C. Perfect when you can't be bothered to keep changing the song
D. Ideal for entertaining people when you want some sweet music you can rely on
E. Dancing in your bedroom
F. Dancing in your living room
G. Dancing in all other rooms
H. If you wanna find some amazing new music

The list could go on

so what are you waiting for... snap up the Arrhythmia 2010 Mixes from Lumi and Cosmo.

Hang on

This post is actually about Cassian.

He recently put an hour of pure delight out for public consumption

My advice is that you consume it thoroughly and regularly because its really bloody good.