Friday, January 14

BeatauCue - Disque Oh!

Fully loving this track, and BeatauCue has just released the remixes for purchase, some of which also fall into the 'fully loving' category; the last one by Eumig & Chinon is right up my street. You can give them a good old stream, but if your short on the cash or just plain tight like me, then go ahead and get yourself a smashing minimix of all the tracks for keeps! 
The Eumig & Chinon remix is actually available for free download it turns out over on RCRD LBL. Ta very much.

BeatauCue - Disque Oh! by BeatauCue

It's also just come to my attention that they're soon to be releasing a remix of the recently posted Yelle - Safari Disco Club; although hard to imagine how it could be improved upon, I'm sure none the less its going to be quite something.