Thursday, November 11

Remix O'clock

Throughout the musical world, remixes certainly have their haters, but they also have their fans. I for one am the latter and encourage you to embrace them with all your heart. After all, everything is a remix.

In an attempt to support my words, here's a couple of remixes I'm currently all over. First of all, Breakbot, a man who perfectly fits the saying 'everything you touch turns to gold'. In fact he could probably take The Script and remix it into something amazing. Sadly though this isn't the case, he has instead, put his stamp on 'Without Lies' from Aeroplanes debut album 'We Can't Fly'. Not a lot needs to be said about this, except to expect the the usual greatness.

Aeroplane - Without Lies (Breakbot Remix) preview by eskimorecordings

That quite neatly takes me over to a DJ set, recently posted by Aeroplane on his website, on which the remix features. C'est tres bien.

Aeroplane - DJ Set @ Laura Leishman Project sur Le Mouv' by llplemouv

Next up, something old, very very old in terms of the blogging standards of the internet, but i only recently came across it and love it. It could quite easily pop up nowadays and fit right in.

Le Tigre Deceptacon (DFA Remix) by arrhythmiamusic