Saturday, November 27

An Interview with Coucheron

So here's our second interview to date. We recently posted on this young Norwegian dj/producer and are really pleased he took some time out to answer some of our question.

Here's what he had to say...

1) Your track 'Night at the Scene" has a distinct Justice feel to it. Was this intentional or are you just a fan of their work and their influence crept through?

I often try to bring as much of my own creativity to the songs as possible. But "Night at the Scene" is a great example of how easily influenced I can be. Having said that, Justice was not the target when producing this one. I was probably going for more of a Bloody Beetroots feel. I love their song called "Have Mercy on Us", and you can hear a slightly different take on its harpischord-riff throughout "Night at the Scene". The rest of the song was actually a mixture of plain fun, experimenting with different instruments.

2) What sort of musical up bringing did you have and how do you think, if at all, this has influenced your current work?
Well, I started off playing rock. Listened to Iron Maiden and Turbonegro at the age 7, I was a metal-kid. Got my first guitar at the age of 10, first drum set at the age of 11, did piano classes at 12, started a band along with my brother (who is producing electro as well, check out "Gautier") and a neighbour, before starting an Indierock band along with three of my classmates. I think my passion for rock and metal has influenced my music a lot.

3) How are you producing your material?
I use FL Studio for all producing needs. I rarely use live instruments, as there are more than enough VSTs to choose from. Of course, a real cello would've sounded more authentic, but VSTs are more than capable of bringing my ideas out to the speakers. My favorite is Nexus, which has a great library of wonderful synths, leads, basses and even percussion.

4) How is your original material progressing? Do you have any more remixes in production or things we could get excited about?
Lots of stuff going on. You can count on me delivering a couple of remixes by the end of the year, as well as originals. As an up and coming artist, you never get time to relax between productions, and you rarely get to spend more than a couple of days on a mix before your next project hits the schedule.

5) What current DJs/Producers/Bands excite you at the moment?
Always tend to forget someone on this list. Well, Madeon, fellow 16-year old delivered an amazing remix of Pendulum's "The Island" which I'm really stoked for at the moment. Also, Skrillex is blowing my mind production after production (Been in love with Sonny since way back the From First to Last-era). Kanye West, Vinter in Hollywood, Wolfgang Gartner, Porter Robinson, Spencer & Hill and Bring me the Horizon gets frequent plays on my iPod as well.

For more tracks head over to Coucheron's soundcloud