Saturday, November 6

Arcade Fire & Broken Bells Get Interactive

So, here's the latest thing it seems, music videos on the interweb that you can get involved in. Arcade Fire's has to be the more interesting of the two; using Google Earth to include your own neighbourhood in the plot of the video, a long with a mixture of animation and film. Every users video is different and you can save your own and share it, quite a nice idea really. The downside though being that it requires Google's own browser 'Chrome' to play with best results. Take a look below though, it doesn't take much time or effort to install the browser...

Broken Bells' is a lot more interactive in the sense that you fly your mouse all over the shop to encourage crazy results; I use the word 'crazy' quite loosely though as whizzing through space becomes a bit tedious after a while. Not knocking it though, its exciting to see music videos get a bit more creative with contemporary forms of media and I'm looking forward to seeing what else pops up in the future.