Monday, October 25

Shiny Disco Club

"Shiny Disco Club" is a new electronic music label founded in June 2010 by Nicolas Masson & Paul Perrault.

Bit late in posting this but its 100% worth the shout even a month after it originally dropped.

Shiny Disco Club is a label that seems to be optimizing the "french disco house" feel of the moment

This amazing Compilation features some of the cream of the crop of new artists in the aforementioned field.

Literally too many stand out tracks to mention.

If you fancy a huge helping of feel good disco then just download this compilation. It will not disappoint.

Shiny Disco Club - "Millenium Disco" (SDCR 001) by Shiny Disco Club

Download the "Millenium Disco" Compilation ft. Louis La Roche, Xinobi, Rockets, The Phantom's Revenge

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

track listing on their soundcloud