Wednesday, October 27

Kanye West Short Film

So Mr West has decided to dabble in a bit of directing it seems, and credit to him because this film has some beautiful shots and sequences. I'm sure I'm not the only one happy to hear him going back to his roots with the new music, that auto tune business was awful. There's lots of good names involved in his new material too; Bon Iver, Rhianna, Mos Def and John Legend to name just a few.

I'd definitely take the time out to watch this, its the perfect way to check out all his new material if you haven't heard any already, whilst at the same time, seeing a scantily clad Victoria's Secret model dance around in feathers, what more could you want?

While we're on the subject of Kanye West.
Take one Belgian DJ, add a popular American rapper and get yourself a big club hit. Here's the remix of Alors On Danse with vocals from Kanye.

Stromae feat. Kanye West - Alors On Danse by arrhythmiamusic